Banquet Catering Equipment

It goes without saying that you need to look out for many creative and innovative options if you are in the hospitality industry and work specifically in Banquet Catering business. Apart from types of equipment which are being used in the kitchen, the main bottleneck comes in getting the catering equipment in place because you need many pots and plates to get the food served. And this is the only place where the end user will get the feel of your service as presentation can make or break you.

And this is what Kanhaiyalal Hotelwares has kept in mind while designing the Banquet and catering utensils. They make sure that customer will become curious to see what is being served in the pots and pans. The products offered under Banquet catering equipment are not only classy but at the same time look stunning with their attractive patterns and hues. The wide ranges of products are

  • Buffet sets with different design variants.
  • Burner Stand
  • Capture
  • Cake Stand
  • Display or card holder
  • Mini buffet Sets
  • Salad Stand
  • Service Trays
  • Tikka Stand
  • Platter Plate
  • Menu Stand

The list is endless; KanhaiyalalHotelwares, being a renowned name in the industry of hotel ware manufacturers have ensured that their products will provide a fine dining experience to your end customer.