Kitchen and Cookware

In the last few years, we have seen a revolution in the hospitality industry which is reflected in the kitchen and cookware equipment too, a range of varying products are available to the modern caterer. This development has been a result of the growing needs to the different sizes and types of catering units like hosting a simple get-together in a small restaurant or in s streamlined restaurant, which anyhow needs to get the food ready for the guests.

Kitchen equipment and cookware’s are not so different what is being used at home except the fact the volume of the food which will be cooked and served where handling is done with utmost care and greater degree. They are required for the greater quantity, speed, durability, economy, and efficiency. And the same is being considered by Kanhaiyalal Hotelwares with a very clear eye on details. They have made only those materials or products available in the market which is essential for commercial cooking and serving perspective. The life of the customer becomes much easy when the things which are critical are made available in an easy format without much confusion.

The products available are chopping board, bhagona, strainers, dimsum basket, lifters, dough scraper, fry pan, gn pans, scoops, kadai, knifes, laddle, meat mincer, masala box, palta, pizza cutter, degchi, saucepan, rolling pin, BBQ, sharpener rod and stone, skinner, etc. Kanhaiyalal Hotelwares has ensured this and kept their kitchen equipments and cookware list limited to the specific quality products only to serve the exact need of the customer, which helps the customer to decide easily.